Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday, Flower Day!

Thanks for stopping by to check out the Flowers in the House! Altho I am not actually in town today, there's no reason why I can leave a little something to entertain you.
Most of what's blooming right now is azaleas, wood hyacinths and a pretty little white iris - background and name unknown, so that's what's in the house today. I never thought of azaleas as a flower for arranging before, but they last a week or more in a vase and I have been enjoying them this spring.

I'm looking forward to what everyone else has, so will be stopping by Jane's to check on all of you. Happy Monday!


  1. Webb, sweetest arrangement ever.

    I love the azaleas, never thought to use them in an arrangement, and wouldn't have expected them to last so long.

    Hope your day goes well and will see you later tonight.

    xo jane

  2. i never knew azaleas would last so long cut. thanks for that tidbit. really charming arrangement.


  3. Lovely flowers Webb, the azaleas look great in the glass bottle.. I too didn't know that azaleas lasted so long x

  4. it was azaleas for me too! and you're totally right, they do last quite some time in a vase. Unlike my dogwood blooms which quickly droooooped. I think I just didn't get them in water soon enough though. :)
    xoxo kat

  5. Hi Webb

    I love this notion about writing on 'Flowers in the House'...I am going to have to check this one out....

    Best wishes!!

    Jeanne xx