Monday, July 25, 2011

Flowers in the House

Late July and finding something nice to cut is a real challenge.  A week of soaring temperatures followed by a wonderful downpour last night did not really leave me many choices.

I should have been cutting phlox for three weeks.  It has been lovely in the border, but as usual I waited until the rain had beaten it down.  There are three shades here - names unknown.  The spiky stuff is Agastache 'Ava' aka Hummingbird Mint and the dark leaves are Eupatorium rugosum 'Chocolate'.

Initially I put this little bit in the guest bath, and it looked darling.  The more I thought about it, tho, the more I wanted to be able to enjoy it.

So I moved it to a small table next to my chair.  No more dew on the petals, but it's right here where I can enjoy it... now!

Thanks to Jane at Small But Charming for hosting this little visit into many flowered homes today.  If you haven't checked it out, please do.  You are in for a treat!


  1. I love your cute little arrangement, and it's good you moved it to under your nose so you can enjoy it. My favorite spot for a small vase seems to be behind the kitchen sink :-/.

  2. Sweetness Webb. Your little home arrangements are just right in their freshness and seasonality. ( is that a word?)

    My phlox also is lying on the ground as battered and bruised as a fig tree:)

    We just had a bit of rain, now it's even steamier!

    xo Jane

  3. Precious flowers! I love small bouquets. They are easier to move around. Bonnie

  4. Lovely arrangments Webb, love the Phlox, mines also flowering now :) x

  5. Glad you all stopped by. It's so hot, I should have offered you tea or iced coffee or... wine. i will do better next time!

    Major project is nearly done, so I may return to the land of the written word soon.

  6. So adorable... I'm always jealous of your blooms. ;-)

  7. That vase is so's like a garden rock, but it's a vase. Very unique!! I's been crazy hot here, too, with random moments of rain. But I try to keep on top of the rose bushes and my rosemary. I even trimmed some rosemary last night and through it into the pot with my chicken marsala. It was de-LISH!!

  8. I really like the pitcher of flowers. I love billowy wildflower-esque bouquets. They're always charming in a crazy sorta way. :)

  9. came by to visit via jane at small but charming...

    it's lovely happy to visit today


  10. Love the phlox as cut flowers--why did I never think of that? By the way, I don't water my plants at all--except the veggies, which I water every day. The veggies are about 1/15th of my plants! :)