Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th - What's Blooming?

May and June passed in a fog of working too hard and too much, so I took an hour off this morning to share what's blooming in July.

 The mandavilla is slowly making its way up the tower.

 The callas seem to be struggling a bit this year, but it may still be a bit early for them.  These open white, but then darken to a mid-pink.  They are not supposed to be hardy here, but don't tell them!  I have had these for more than 10 years and have moved them twice.  [Maybe that's why they are struggling - they are tired!]
 The very last gladiola.  They have been pretty this year.

Always the last shrub to bloom is Clethera alnifolia 'Ruby Spice'.  It's worth the wait!
 The mini-rose blooms all summer long.  These flowers are about an inch in diameter, and last forever - even cut and in the house.
This year's experiment - a Sunny Knock out rose  [Rosa 'Radsunny' PP 18562 (shrub)].  It opens pale yellow and fades to white.  I think this one is finally happy and putting out blossoms consistently.

 From the xeri-garden we get Hummingbird Mint [Agastache x 'Ava'].  It blooms most of the summer, but the bees and butterflies are all over it right now.

 And the star of the front bed is phlox.  There are three shades, but I don't know their names - a pale lavender (left), a white and pink bi-color (center) and a deep lavender (right).  I just love them.  I see a vase in their near future.
July would not be complete without crepe myrtle.  This one is 'Centennial'.

Four inches are rain last week = good!  Three days of high 90's heat this week = bad, so the garden is not sure if it's coming or going!  There are still plenty of pretties to share.  Can't wait to see what's in your garden today.  Join the fun at May Dreams Garden!


  1. Everything looks absolutely beautiful! Everything is struggling here because of the heat. It is disheartening. I am living vicariously through all of my friends out in their "blog gardens". Beautiful!

  2. I'm seriously intrigued by the Radsunny rose. I don't recall seeing a rose that goes from yellow to white. Not bad.

  3. Wow! Such abundance, such color, such lushness! I love it all.

  4. All lovely but loving that Radsunny Rose it seems to make a lovely bushy shape which is not always the case with roses. We are having very dull days here x

  5. Red and Deb, this is the first Knock-Out rose that I have tried, altho one cannot drive three blocks without seeing them (usually red) used as everything from hedge to corporate office color all over town. I am not a fan of red, so waited until I could get a "yellow" one. Am not really a fan of yellow, tho, so this one is perfect. It's a pale, buttery yellow. Planted it around the middle of June - pretty late here - and have had to water a lot, but it finally seems happy. Google "knock out roses". Am not sure you can get them in England, Deb.

    Bonnie and Anneke, we are fast approaching the hazy, hot, humid days of summer here, when only the hibiscus will bloom. I dread that time, and am enjoying the mid-80's this week. Here in Virginia, we often say that if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 days for the next change, but the change that is coming is not for the good!

    Happy weekend, all!!