Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Flowers

NO!  I did not arrange any flowers for a wedding, but I did attend one that had lovely flowers.  Well, most  of them were lovely.

 The bridesmaids carried bouquets of roses, stock and a bit of delphinium.  I think the bride's bouquet was the same, but did not really see it!  oops!  With deep purple dresses, they were lovely.
The cake was topped with the lavender stock and delphinium.
The cake table also had this pretty little nosegay of the darker stock, with some of the lavender. 

And this was the altar arrangement that also went on a table at the entrance to the reception.
It was lovely - from a distance.  More stock in both lavender and purple, pink and lavender roses, something white (Jane will know what it is.) and lovely blue delphinium... that was well on the way to wilted by the time it arrived at the reception.  Delphinium does not grow well here, and I am sure it was brought in from afar, but it didn't last.  By the end of the reception, it was seriously drooping.  I am probably the only one who noticed.  [You all have done that to me!  I was also the only person taking photos of the flowers, but I did want you to see them.]

A good time was had by all.


  1. I love wedding flowers. They can show the Bride's personality and set the tone for the whole event.

  2. Such pretty flowers for a wedding...such a shame that some didn't quite make it to the end..Love the blues!

  3. I love all those cool colors. Flowers are in my opinion much more important than dresses in a wedding.

    Did you wear one of those whatever-you-call those hats :)?

  4. Oh, Anneke, I did want a fascinator! But alas, I did not find one. Had thought about making one, but that didn't work out either. There was a lovely seven year old with a bright red poof of netting in her hair that I think counts!

    Sherri and Bonnie - the blues and purples were lovely indeed. My favorite combination. The lavender roses were gorgeous!

  5. Using that blue Delph with pink and purple is so lovely and I love the cake table nosegay. I think I am the only one who ever notices the flowers at weddings. At my wedding most of my budget went on the flowers x

  6. Ah, the white is dendrobium orchids...and they do last.

    This time of year I tell my brides we'll cross our fingers and say a prayer but some will shed and some will shine.

    The flowers are lovely. You are so well trained. You know what we want to see.

    Mostly that big delphinium comes from Holland. poor but beautiful flower.

    xo Jane

  7. See. I knew Jane would know. And, of course they are dendrobiums. Mother would kill me for not knowing that! Thanks!

  8. Wow! what a colorful wedding flowers bouquets.It's looking beautiful