Monday, August 15, 2011

August Flowers in the Garden

When I saw Belinda's post earlier this morning and realized that today is the day to take a serious look at what's blooming, my immediate thought was, "Oh no!"  I consider this the Norma Desmond time of the summer, and my garden definitely does not seem to be ready for any close-ups.   In looking a littler harder, tho, I realized that close-ups are just what the doctor (or director?) ordered.  There's actually a lot to love today, if you look closely.
Purslane - an impulse buy this spring, but I have liked it a lot.

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides (Hardy Plumbago) - Not the prettier, tall, phlox-like plumbago, but this one makes a nice ground cover that blooms late into the fall.  It has dark blue flowers and needs little water.

The last of the phlox.  Don't know which one this one is, but it is very resistant to mildew and has bloomed for several months now.
Alstroemeria 'Sweet Laura' PP # 10030 - A native of hot southern hemisphere climates, this little beauty is starting her second season.  She went dormant for six weeks in June and July now is coming back.  Wish I could get a pink one to grow half as well as this tiny yellow one.
 Nymphaea hybrid yellow 'Nenufar' - Mother bought this at Wal-Mart five or more years ago for my birthday.  It thrives in a pond liner with virtually no food and no care.  There is a resident family of camera-shy frogs, too. 
Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood' - a lovely small sedum in the most wonderful coral color.
Mystery plant - I think it's a catmint, but cannot find any record of it.  Horrors!
Rosa 'Radsunny' PP 18562 (shrub) - The new Knock Out rose has bloomed and bloomed and bloomed.  The plant has nearly doubled in size, as well.  If it can make it thru the winter, I think I have a winner for the future. 
Mandevilla - a lovely red one that is digging this heat.

Another mystery plant - The foliage looks iris-like, but I failed to keep the tag - egads!

And no summer day would be complete without a bit of buddleia davidii - this one is 'Black Knight'. 

If haven't already visited with Carol and the other gardeners, be sure to stop by here.

PS:  If you know either of my mystery plants, please let me know.
PPS: Birthday party tomorrow.


  1. Yay for close-ups! Lots of beauty here, that water lily is exquisite, and I think that is a catmint - Nepeta Six Hills Giant maybe? Bxx

  2. You are so good posting. I took one look at Belinda's title and without even LOOKING at it, I slunk outside and did 4 hours of weeding for my penance.

    Def catmint, love your waterlily and the low growing phlox.

    Will have to go check that baby out.

    Can't wait for tomorrow's post!

    xoxo Jane

  3. You have a lot of plants in bloom! Love that water lily. Looks like the garden is ready to party.

  4. Beautiful especially the water lily and the Rose. The small blue flower looks like catmint to me, I can't grown it here as my neighbours cats just lay in it! :) x

  5. Deb, you may have explained why that plant always looks so bad. It is crushed down a lot. Altho it is in a raised bed, I bet the neighbor's cat jumps up and rolls in it. Will look for prints in the surrounding area. Thanks.

    The waterlily is a a testament to not having to spend a lot on a plant if you buy the right one for the right conditions. As Mother got older (80+) she worried a lot about money. She wanted to get me something for my birthday, but really didn't want to spend a lot of money. We were at Wal-mart and in the garden center they had water lilies in coir "baskets" that one just dropped into the pond and voila! They cost $5.00. She bought me two - a pink one and a yellow one. This pond gets more sun and this one has grown like Topsy, while the pink one gets less sun and doesn't do as well. It makes me smile every time it adds a blossom!

  6. I agree, August is the month where we gardeners have to look closely to find the blooms! I hope to read more about your pond. I especially like the low-growing plants in your post. Happy GBBD!