Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For Better or for Not-so-Good

Marriage is a wonderful state.  That feeling of belonging wholeheartedly to another.  The sense of completeness that being together brings.  The safety of being part of a whole.  The joy of celebrating the other's birthday and enjoying it more than your own.
But the Not-so-Good days come, too.  The morning spent waiting to hear that the cancer has not spread.  The hours spent working on a seed order for the garden, while waiting for the surgery to be done.  The upbeat emails sent to friends, all the while worried that it is taking longer than they said.  [Turns out they were an hour late starting, but no one thought to mention that.]

Yes, marriage is definitely worth all the time and effort we put into it, but when the other half if "in sickness" it's not quite as nice.


  1. All true, but trouble shared is trouble halved too.

  2. It is hard being the one waiting on news. I hope all your news is good. Bonnie

  3. Anneke and Bonnie, thanks. You are both right. News is good so far. xo

  4. Glad to hear news is good so far. Sending positive vibes your way.

  5. Webb this post has me worried.

    Can you send me an email? Only if you're comfortable doing so of course.

    Either way sending love your way.

    xo Jane

  6. Good morning.....Hmmmmm......life certainly does have a way of grabbing our attention....I'm sorry you are going through this uncertain time in your life. Positive thoughts are being sent your way....things will turn out O.K. I'm certain.