Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It Wasn't California, but...

Rockin' and rollin' in Richmond this afternoon.  We were in a small examine room at the doctor's office when suddenly there's this roar.

"Oops," I think, "their air conditioning unit is about to blow!"

Then the floor started shaking.

Then the walls - for two and a half minutes.

Then ... nothing.

It's a little known fact - well, at least until today - that there is a very active fault that runs parallel to and just west of I-95 straight thru Virginia.  Did I mention that we live one mile west of I-95?  Apparently there are hundreds of quakes a year, but they are normally so deep that we never feel them.

Today was the exception.  Virginia Tech tells us it was 5.8 - the strongest recorded quake in more than 100 years, and centered 45 miles to our west.  The Weather Channel tells us they felt it in Washington and the local channel says that the Secret Service felt it in Martha's Vineyard.  Elizabeth tells me she felt it in New Jersey and Marie tells us that she and Don Estorbo had their evacuation plan made and nearly put it into action.

The good news is that there was little damage anywhere, but it certainly did give me a new appreciation of what happens in California on a regular basis.  Oh, and now we need to get ready for Irene, who's apparently coming for dinner on Saturday.  Now, hurricanes we know how to handle!

PS:  All reports from the doc were good.


  1. So glad to hear all was well at the doctors even tho' the earth moved beneath you feet. Sounds like Irene has been downgraded. Hopefully she will not regain her strength. Stay safe!

  2. How frightening for you! Glad to hear a good report from the Dr.

    Stay safe!!

  3. hurricanes and earthquakes - we just have light drizzle, how dull! x

  4. I just can't imagine an earthquake, we do get very small ones, my husband experience one about a year ago and described it as a large lorry driving past the house, nothing compared to yours though, glad everyone safe :) x