Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday in the Garden

How I love how that feels - Sunday in the garden.  After two months of swelter - well, you all know how it has been in the States - today I finally spent three quality hours in the garden this morning.  Not just deadheading and weeding, but actually planting... planting!

It's a great time to prowl the garden centers for perennials on sale and I found some good buys yesterday on Asian lilies, as well as some hardy mums that I used to fill out the planters in the front of the house.

It was also clean-the-pond-filter day, which is actually fun - well, usually.  The water feels good on my hands, and the fish like to come and curiously bump my hands and arms.  Today, of course, the pump refused to restart so I had to go buy a new one.  But I was rewarded for my efforts by both clearer water and a pink water lily.  While the yellow one blooms all summer, the pink one is more sporadic and did not bloom at all last year.

And, finally, in honor of Jane's vacation and because I have made a commitment to Belinda that I will cut more flowers.... I cut some flowers for the house.   The planters are overflowing with color, so I picked some mini-dahlias and many verbena.  They were difficult to work with because their stems were both short and curvy.  I guess that's one of the first lessons.  Note to self....  choose flowers with stronger and straighter stems.


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully productive day. The water lily is beautiful! Bonnie

  2. Glad its cooled down enough for you to garden again, we have the same problem but ours is rain :)... your bouquet is lovely x

  3. Love the water lily. I toured the facility of a pond manufacturer recently and one of their display ponds was larger than my whole house and covered in water lilies. It was a beautiful sight.