Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My 12 Days of Christmas

Day 5 - Oh, Tannenbaum!

Truly one of the big, big days of the season -
The 1st (and prettiest) White House ornament.
the day the tree is trimmed.  One can't have too many Christmas trees, altho I find myself limited to two at the moment - a tiny one in my office and the real one in the living room.  I want one close at hand so I can enjoy it all day long.We've collected ornaments forever.  There are tiny glass balls left from childhood, along with a felt bird (Girl Scouts in the 6th grade) and the purple Merry Christmas ball inherited from Dad.  There are ornaments collected from places we have traveled - a flamingo (Florida), Chinese kissing fish (San Francisco), a gourd (Pennsylvania), red pepper (N.M.) and a cut-out of Texas.

Some of these are as old as I am - horrors!
Many are handmade - a clothespin deer, copper stars, an angel made of nails, the tin star on top.  There's a collection of angels and one of Santas.  A dill pickle for luck and a teddy bear for fun.  Many are gifts from friends.  Each a reminder of some place or some one  - a part of our history.

One of a legion of Santas - mostly old fashioned.
Made in Florida from the scale of a Gar Fish - honest!
Peace on Earth, Good Will to Women.
I'd leave it up all year, but some folks in our house are against that!


  1. The tree is special here too, for the very same reasons: great memories. Is yours a cut tree or an artificial one? I love the scent of a cut one, but nowadays balk at it having to die. At least most bought trees are nursery grown here.

    Your tree is beautiful, love all white lights too and just ornaments.

  2. Oh dear, my tree is still sitting in a bucket of water in the garage. I did manage to put a bit of greenery on the mantle this afternoon. I was hoping to maybe put the tree up and string light tonight. I don't know if it is going to happen though. I will live vicariously. Today will be my 1st day of Christmas!

  3. Anneke, I cannot tell a lie. The tree is artificial. I just can't bring myself to get a cut tree and don't have the land to plant a "live" tree. And, I have to admit that it's easy. I'd still go with a taller, bigger tree, but one has to accommodate one's spouse!

    Bonnie, can't wait to see what you do. Your house will be so pretty decorated.