Thursday, December 15, 2011

My 12 Days of Christmas

Day 6 - Father Christmas

A gift from a long time friend, Father Christmas has had a place of honor in our home for years.  She painted several sets of Santas for her friends and family.  We are proud to have one of them.
Somehow he reminds me of the giving and not all the craziness of the season.  Clearly he's Father Christmas bring light, or "LIGHT" to the world.  Can't get much more clear than that.
PS:  Please see Anneke's note.  Turns out he's actually Sinterklaas - does that name sound a bit familiar?


  1. Mmm, not to be picky or anything :), but that is Sinterklaas holding a Christmas tree. And instead of holding a lantern, he should be holding a staff. For an entertaining read about this "Dutch" saint, take a look here

    Perhaps there is a difference between Father Christmas and Santa, as in ho-ho-ho, go Rudolph, go? Still much to learn after 40 years ....

  2. Thanks, Anneke! Am sure Judy had no idea when she told me that it was Father Christmas, that it was not. I still think it is still wonderful. Wonder where he left his staff. Perhaps he borrowed the lantern to look for it... ?

  3. It IS wonderful! Bet you he is looking for the staff, or perhaps the 6 or 8 black men :)?

  4. I am sure you have nothing to fear from Sinterklaas, or the 6 to 8 black men :), nice person that you are. I used to be a "zwarte piet" (black man) and enjoyed scaring the kids. Took me a week to get the black out of my ears...