Monday, December 19, 2011

My 12 Days of Christmas

Day 8 - The Holiday China

There are rites of passage in every family - moving from the children's table to the adult table and being allowed  to eat off the "good china" -  in ours.   [In Southern families the "good china" is still a thing to be revered and passed from generation to generation.]   Getting our own holiday china was one of those milestones for Mitchell and me. 

We inherited some Spode"Christmas Tree" from Mitchell's mother and added a few pieces to have enough to use it for Christmas breakfast, but I really wanted something more "grown up".

I searched and searched - falling in love with a different pattern every year - until I found "Boxwood and Pine".  We use it from Thanksgiving until New Years and for special occasions that pop up in the fall or winter.

It's fun to look forward to using it every year!


  1. Sorry had to dash away for a moment to find a larger picture of your china.

    Beautiful pattern, very Webb.

    xo Jane

  2. The boxwood and pine design is beautiful.

  3. That is very festive, and a wonderful tradition. The placemat looks familiar....:).

  4. Yes, the Spode Christmas Tree is a southern tradition. And yes it dons my table each year. I do hate it is now made in China. Makes me hesitate to continue adding. I started giving my daughter the reindeer dishes from Pottery Barn the first Christmas she was married. They are fun and youthful. Enjoy your lovely china.