Thursday, December 22, 2011

My 12 Days of Christmas

Day 10 - "The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care..."

Stockings were always a big deal in our house - filled with little presents (sometimes of the "big things come in small packages variety"), an orange, a candy cane, and a bag of chocolate coins.

These days we tend to go more for toiletries and maybe a little something for warmth, but still the chocolate coins!


  1. Stockings are the biggest hit at our home. We put everything from the ridiculous to the sublime in them. Hugs, Bonnie

  2. Stockings are so much more fun than shoes/clogs by the fireplace. Even our dogs have their own. None of them get filled until Christmas morning, by Santa!

  3. Anneke, my experience is that dogs don't manage clogs too well anyway!

  4. I'm loving your 12 days of Christmas posts. What a great idea. I think I would love the Russian Christmas CD. We no longer have a classical radio station in Boston and there's no time of year that I crave classical music more than at Christmas. There's nothing better than a good Adeste Fidelis.

    Wishing you a wonder Christmas filled with wonderful things. Except blue pointsettias. I don't like them either. I just like to show things that people have maybe not seen before.

    Peace and Joy!