Saturday, January 21, 2012

40 Degrees and Rain

Not an auspicious way to start the weekend.  Dreary and drab.  Actually, that's the way I have been feeling the past couple of weeks.  When I look back at my January posts from last year, tho, I see the same pattern.

I think I am hibernating!  

Recharging the batteries after the whirlwind of the holidays and the end of the year - both at home and at work.

I can hear the neighborhood geese honking as they fly over.  No doubt their morning pond is not such an exciting place today, either.  We are in the same boat.  They thought they had good feeding grounds for the winter, so they got too lazy to make the flight south for real warmth.  Now they have to endure days like today - the price of choosing the easy corn.

At least I can have a fire in the fireplace and a hot cup of Earl Gray - no wet bugs for me today!

Think I'll go sit under my "sunlight spectrum light" and read your inspiring words.  Or, maybe look at a seed catalog.  Or, think about my new kitchen shelves.  I have to wake up enough to tell you about them ... in about three weeks.  Or, find an interesting soup recipe - lots of possibilities.

Then I'll go buy flowers.  Monday is Flowers in the House Day.  Hope you will join us.


  1. I know that January feeling. Cold, dark and endless. May I recommend moving to a different climate when you get a chance? It can be cold here, or in the 70's, but most of the time the sun shines and what a difference that makes.

    Meanwhile, holing up with seed catalogs in front of a fire is a pleasant way to spend a January Saturday. At least you are in the east and not the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Dear Webb, I am wanting to hibernate as well. I have actually come up with this theory, we are meant to slow down and recharge this time of year, but "climate change" or whatever one might want to call it is not allowing it. We are mammals and most mammals hibernate in the winter. Today it is in the low 40s but we are told to expect near 70 tomorrow. Go figure! Bonnie

  3. It's cold, I have a cold and the Ravens lost-stupidly.

    Thank God for flowers and fires.

    xo jane