Sunday, January 15, 2012

Much Ado about ... Not Much!

You are no doubt waiting on pins and needles to know ... how many years did I manage to peel off my face?

Did I go from this:
 To this?
Actually, no.  
The peeling started Friday.  All day long I was brushing what seemed like flecks of facial tissue or down off my face.  Finally, I realized it was ... well, face!

Underneath, it's slightly pinker and slightly more moist.  It doesn't rise to the status of "dewy", altho I would love that.

As one test case, I would say save your money and don't do the "lunchtime peel".  It does not seem to offer much.
  Am I done getting "work" done on my face.  Perhaps  or, not.

As real winter weather settles into the Mid Atlantic states, I'm hunkered down with a fire and wishing you a good week.


  1. Is there really no way to fool Mom (Nature)? I guess I will continue to avoid the mirror.

    Stay warm, my friend! We are in the 60's currently, and I have ordered the garden seeds. I think I had better slow down as winter is really just beginning.

  2. Have you ever seen that Sex & the City episode wear Samantha gets a 'little' peel? Well she basically ends up looking like beef carpaccio. At least you didn't look like that! :-)

  3. OMG I missed your last post so this is the first i have read of your beauty regime, new and old.

    Do you need more that one peel to really get the new skin exposed?

    Maybe more will be revealed as a few days go by....?

    I'm inspired, but slightly freaked out but the thought of acid.

    xo Jane

  4. I've been away and trying to catch up with everyone. I fear you are being much to hard on yourself. I do hope as days pass you find the you, you were hoping for. I, too, seldom see the face that once looked back at me. Hugs! Bonnie

  5. It seems like everyone gave me "spa" gift certificates this year. Either they are trying to tell me to RELAX or reminding me I am OLD. LOL! Maybe I need a peel...Hmmmm... Good luck!

  6. 10 days and it is a bit better. Anonymous M said at lunch yesterday that she thought there was a difference. I did not think she was angling for anything. Still wouldn't do it again. appreciate all the good thoughts, tho!

    And, no, Sara Louise, I did NOT turn to beef carpaccio - OMG!!

  7. This is disappointing for all of us. Thanks for taking one for the team and sharing your thoughts.