Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Few Minutes of Sunshine

Took a break this afternoon from my hibernation to wonder around the yard in a very warm sun.  You all know that spring is trying to come too early because we haven't had any winter to slow it down (and kill the bugs!).

The hellebores are in full bloom ...
and were begging to come into the house.
As were the camellias.
[Camellia 'Prof Sergeant']
Everything else is getting ready to pop open.  We really do need a couple of days of cold to slow things down for a couple of weeks.  Sure do hope Mother Nature knows what she is doing!


  1. The samething is going on in my garden. I have daffodils blooming. Hugs! Bonnie

  2. Flowers in the house do cheer things up, don't they. Here I have 2 apple trees blooming and yesterday there was a butterfly investigating them.

    Enjoy those lovely vases!

  3. Apple blossoms and butterflies! I know you live in another world there, but Bonnie and I are gonna be seriously jealous!

  4. Oh, but no mistaking, it is not spring here yet! We have a warm day now and then, which brings out the bees and the odd butterfly, but then it freezes at night again. No plants in bloom yet, and I feel for those early insects. I could do with the sight of some hellebores :-).

  5. Holy cows! Just look at those hellebores! I haven't had much luck with them, so I can only go all googly-eyed looking at other people's. I hear you on spring coming freakishly soon. All the trees here are leafing out which they shouldn't do for another month or so. Someone in the neighborhood has sunflowers blooming which definitely shouldn't be happening. Hope it works out all right in your neck of the woods!

  6. Your flowers having me dying for spring!
    I'll send you some of our cold weather to help slow things down a bit if you'd like :-)

  7. Your Hellebores look beautiful! Mine aren't as big as yours so I haven't been able to make a bouquet yet. Maybe next year.