Monday, February 13, 2012

I Deserve It!

Don't get me wrong.  I spend plenty of money ... plenty.  If we need a little something around the house [like new floors or kitchen counters] or something for the garden, I'm your girl.  If Mitchell needs [or just wants] something he saw at the mall, I'm pulling out the credit card.  Christmas shopping - absolutely!  Good catalog choices for my nieces or a friend - I'm  on it.

But for myself, not so much.
My needs are very well met.  I've never been a clothes horse and Mitchell is way more than generous when it comes to the special things in life.  I seldom find something that I just want for me, but when I do ....  I want to share it with you!

My new bracelets [yes, plural!] arrived this afternoon in the mail.  Made by a talented young jeweler, they were custom made just for me!  And, I love them.
Please meet Allyson Miller, Kentucky girl [Go, 'Cats!] transplanted to Georgia, Army wife and talented jewelry maker.  Her Etsy store is Daisy and Elm.

I've been following her blogs for a couple of years now.  You know I was interested in a blog called  "Magnolias and Mimosas", don't you?  And, while her husband was deployed last year she shared in "400 Wake-ups" the stories of the wives and families left stateside as their loved ones serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I have read that only 1% of Americans even know someone serving in the military today, so count myself lucky that thru Ally I know her husband and from her I have learned about life alone on the homefront.

Several weeks ago I discovered that she was making the troll-type bracelets, so I asked her to make one for me.  It was so reasonably priced, that I got two.  There are several flowers, a treble clef, a W and an M [go figure], a starfish, and a bunch of grapes [any idea what that is about?] that all have special meaning to me, as well as glass and ceramic beads in purple and turquoise - my two favorite colors.  They can be worn alone or together, or even stacked with other silver bracelets.
Have you ever tried photographing your dominant hand using your non-dominant?  Difficult!
Bottom line - they are wonderful!

I see this whole blogasphere (sp?) as a place where many women support other women in lots of ways - one of which is commercially.  So, I hope that you will check out Ally's Etsy store, as well as her blog.  If you are in the market for a little bit of bling for yourself or a gift for someone you love, you might find just the perfect thing waiting for you there.  She makes lots more than troll bracelets.  If you look carefully you will see a pair of bracelets that look a bit familiar!

Thanks, Ally!


  1. The bracelets are lovely! I will head over to check here out. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful find and enjoy your bracelets. Hugs! Bonnie

  2. Love these bracelets and the connection to Ally...a great suggestion... Thank you! Sending you best wishes for a Happy Valentines Day Webb! :)xx

  3. Wow, how lovely and fun! So very special because they are YOU. I see you are still paying homage to diving too :-).

    And yes, of course you do deserve them. Happy Valentine's to you.

  4. They really are special, as are all of you! Hope you had a wonderful day!