Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Need a Kick in the ...

... well, you know where.

Forget meteorological spring.  Forget astronomical spring.  Forget calendar spring.  It's clearly spring - no matter how you look at it. 
So, why can't I get in the mood?

Was it the short warm winter?  Not enough cold and bad weather to make me long for sunshine and warm breezes?  Not enough snow to make me yell, "enough"?  Too few dreary days?
Whatever it is, the sap just isn't rising in me yet.  I've wasted nearly 10 days of pretty afternoons when I could have been out in the garden.  I've wasted seven extra hours of daylight.  I'm the only mammal in Central Virginia who's still hibernating.

Finally, today there are branches of flowering almond on the table and a bowl of stock on the table - the first blooms from my new cutting garden - but still I can't get excited. 
Just when I need a touch of spring fever, I got nada.  I need a kick - well, you know where!


  1. I think it happens to everyone - sometimes I just don't feel like doing anything in the garden even though I know it's the time to do it.

  2. There are just some years when it takes a bit to get the juices flowing. It will come.

    You could be like idiot me, who sits here with an inch of snow and basil and tomato seedlings in the cold frame... "If it isn't Christmas, it must be Spring!"

  3. Southwestern Ladies, you are an inspiration. I keep wanting a cold frame! Maybe this will be the week that inspiration strikes - hope so!

  4. I felt like an idiot yesterday when my neighbor saw me putting away the (unused) snow shovels form the porch. He smirked at me, but I just couldn't bring myself to admit that the threat of snow was over until last week.

  5. I think you said the word. Hibernation. We didn't have the chance to hibernate and I think it is necessary. I seriously had to force myself out. Once out I am addicted, but not like in years past. I can only hope for next year!!! Hugs, Bonnie