Thursday, April 19, 2012

Out of My Comfort Zone..

... but in a good way. 
Everything is from my garden and much of it from my new cutting garden:  allium, stock, bachelor's buttons and poppies are all new.  The lilac and salvia have never looked better than when paired with their new annual friends.  
Thanks Belinda!


  1. A cutting garden!!! So many blooms, all beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! Will you come and fix my yard? Elizabeth

  3. Oh Webb, I am beside myself with pleasure!! Look at those beautiful colours and shapes and textures - just stunning. Your excitement is a ray of sun on my grey Friday! I have put tulips on my blog just for you! xx

  4. Hi Webb! I deleted your comment because I decided maybe I should not be writing about the campaign. I also deleted the comment on A Femme.

    He's going to have to decide how to deal with it. I support him completely because I love him and I want him to be happy. We don't agree on how to achieve certain goals, but I know he would be a good, honest legislator, so I can truthfully tell people they should vote for him for that reason.

    But I would also expect people to do their own research on the issues! I expect we are not the first couple to face this dilemma. I also expect that most voters could not care less what the spouse thinks. I actually resent it when the spouse is used in the campaign. S/he is not running. Why am I being told what s/he thinks? It doesn't matter!

    1. Although I have decided that I will have to blog about being the spouse of a campaigner. I'll write about it as it happens, then post it all after the election. There is too much potential for good stuff in this not to write!