Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Progress Report

The beginning of our busy season at work, but I actually prefer the craziness of the next three months to the drag-ass slowness of the winter.
Much running around and shopping; many details to check; and, a business lunch or two - always fun.
A bit of weeding and planting in the afternoons - enjoying the warm days and long sunlight.

Saturday spent pulling stuff out of the under-house storage area for a yard sale in two weeks.
Today - rain.  Brunch later and then reading or maybe a movie.  Time to recharge for another busy week.


  1. Beautiful pictures! This is also my busiest time. Enjoy your evening and have a fabulous week ahead.

    Thanks for you well wishes. I am doing much better. Bonnie

  2. Sounds like you are back in your happy routine. Nice you have some time to work in the garden during the work week. Keeps your perspective :-).

    Lovely to see plants in bloom, isn't it? I can smell the honey suckle; mine started blooming today.

    1. A plant we have in common! There are so few. Hope all is well.

  3. Good times and pretty blooms! Congrats on getting stuff done!! The irises are no doubt looking quite lovely as a result of your hard work. :D