Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympics - week one

You'd have to live under a rock to be totally ignoring the Summer Olympics, but I do understand that everyone is not as avid a fan as I am - or would like to be!
There have been exciting moments in the pool, in the gym, on the soccer fields, in the skuls and just about everywhere else - with more to come in track and field this week.  So, it seems to me that it is time to take a moment and  talk about what really matters - the U.S. uniforms. 

[In the Olympic spirit, I am not in the business of dissing the uniforms of other countries.]

Actually, I have been totally impressed with the high quality - read that as "good looking" US uniforms.  Love the bright reds and the good dark blue.  

How can you not like these rowing team uniforms?
 Or ladies' tennis?
 Or, gymnastics - men's ...
 or women's ...
or swimming - they all wear the same thing ...
 or track and field?
 even trampoline (who even knew that was an Olympic sport?) ...
or volleyball ...
 or, soccer ... [They have navy uniforms and white, too, but I love these with the broad stripes!]
I do have a question, tho.  Who thought that gray warm-ups would look nice for the medal ceremonies?  Could they have made a worse choice?

Yes, they could have - and they did.  The folks in the shooting sports are wearing brown.  Yes, brown.  That sure is the the color I think of first for the U.S. - well, right after gray.  
What were they thinking?


  1. Maybe they were trying to coordinate with the purple ribbons holding the medals???? Gray has been a hot (meaning popular) color of late. Enjoy the remaining week. There have been some amazing moments.

  2. Oh, I agree with you! (And I think you should comment on other countries as well.) But even the not so pretty uniforms make me happy, and after all the bad news we can use some happiness.

  3. You cannot go wrong with red, white and blue. But how about the "dress" unies though in the opening ceremony? Not my choice.

    And talk about ugly, how about those poor Dutch participants (and fans) who always have to show up (or want to) in ORANGE, just because their monarchs are of the House of Orange? Glad I changed citizenship :-). But the Dutch flag is the most basic of all: 3 horizontal stripes of equal width: red, white, blue.

    1. Anneke, YOU are welcome to dis the Dutch uniforms, but I wouldn't think of it. Did you see the Dutchman on the high bar? Fantastic!

  4. Hi Webb...

    I am just envious that you were able to watch the Olympics! In Vietnam, they managed to just telecast archery and badminton...with occasional clips of the wins of other sports. So frustrating!! It looks like it was a lot of fun, I have always enjoyed it in the past. We have internet...I am thankful for that. ;)

    Sending best wishes your way....

    Jeanne xx