Saturday, August 4, 2012


It was fun staying home and doing things "in the neighborhood" for a few calm days.

Day 2:

A lovely morning spent at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  The current "big" show is Indian art and objects from 1750 - 1950, mostly during the English Raj.  While the "art" was more "illustration" to my way of thinking and didn't really touch me, the objects were divine.

Jewelry like the most extravagant you have ever seen - huge diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls to die for.  Fabrics of the finest silk and cotton, woven in the most intricate of patterns, clothing and objects literally fit for the king - or in this case the maharaja.   No photos allowed, of course.

But in the side exhibit - Silver for the Raj - they did allow photos.

I love the intricate work.  You do use a tea pot like this for your Earl Grey, don't you?
Lunch followed in a lovely little cafe at the museum overlooking their pond, full of lotus.

And, what did we learn today?   The long white cotton shirt/dress traditionally worn by Indian men was called a "jama"  and the long, loose, white cotton pants worn underneath were called "pai-jama".  Give you any ideas?

Day 3:

What's a stay-cation without a bit of wine tasting?  right?  So off to one new winery and to one old one.  Met a nice trio from Pittsburgh who were on their way to the Outer Banks for a week with the extended family, but were stopping the same places we were, so we tasted our way thru some eastern Virginia wines together.

A lovely way to spend an afternoon.  And, yes, a few bottles of wine to remind us of a good time.

What did we learn?  As Virginia's wine industry grows, the quality gets better and better.  And, we are happy to help the local economy, when we can!

Day 1:  Yes, there was a day one.  A few hours in the garden and then a bit of reading while Mitchell had some very minor ambulatory surgery.  He is fine and up to making his world-famous gazpacho today.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Hope that someday we can go wine tasting with you and Mitchell. Elizabeth

  2. How wonderful to have a couple of days to enjoy yourselves and play.

    Here's to a few more fun days (raising a glass of Arizona wine) :-)

  3. That silverwork blows me away.