Monday, September 24, 2012

Flowers in the House - September Edition!

Mother Nature gave me a bounty this month - one I did not expect.  The cooler temperatures and plenty of recent rain really have caused the garden to perk up for one last flush of summer color as the fall blooms start coming, too. 
For the dining room table:
The first (and perhaps last) dahlia of the season, cone flowers, two sedums (sedi?), garden phlox, and Lady's Mantle, with a few vitex leaves thrown in for good measure.

For the coffee table the last (maybe not!) of the mini-roses.
And, a bonus bunch for my chairside table - the last of the Shasta Daisies, and a handful of zinnias.
I couldn't be happier!
If you haven't already been, there .... please hop over to Jane's house (SmallButCharming) and see what else is showing up today.  Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere should be starting to have spring flowers, you know.


  1. Oh my gosh webb, your garden is really producing this year.

    and I guess the fact that you actually planted the seeds/bulbs also helped.

    I have to go to my neighbors to "borrow"a dahlia.

    I'm impressed your ladys mantle rebloomed, I don't know if I even saw mine in the spring...

    All looks beautiful...

    xo Jane

  2. A plethora of gorgeous blooms! I think your arrangement skills are blooming too :-)

  3. Wow you are hanging on to Summer, lucky you. Everything looks so pretty.

  4. I've never ever had a I really want some. Your arrangements are beautiful.

  5. What a bonus. Love that speckled zinnia! x

  6. Wow you are one lucky lady and one great gardener! Sinead

  7. Oooh - I love the asymmetrical shape of your mini-roses arrangement.

  8. So pretty, Webb, I know you felt your garden had a barren patch in the heat of high summer, but there has been so much loveliness in spring and late summer, non? Bx