Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Workday

It's all about redistribution this week.  No, not that kind.  We are friends and friends don't talk politics this time of year!

No, redistribution of my garden's assets.  I have pulled up acres of weeds so the good perennials can redistribute themselves into larger spaces.
I have redistributed the dirt that drifted over the summer into the iris.  The cutting garden could use some additional soil, so I had plenty to put there.

I redistributed about five cubic yards of decomposable weeds, overgrown perennials and stuff I pulled up to the compost pile.

Mitchell will soon use the chipper/shreader to redistribute the pile of sticks and branches on the left side into a new base so we can turn the pile.  I estimate that there are 18 inches of good dirt under the right hand pile!
And, finally, I redistributed many blossoms into the house to enjoy. 


  1. Yipes, that is a workday indeed! I was once told that pulling weeds is NOT gardening, but I can see that redistribution certainly is :-).

  2. Sounds like a busy time to me. This is the perfect time of year for all the "redistribution".