Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday Workday

It's been a lovely few days.  Crisp, cooler fall days (that means low 70's in these parts) with cooler nights (mid-60's) with a few high 80's thrown in to remind me of June.  Today was a smorgasbord of fall weather.  Gentle rain fell for a couple of hours before dawn, only to make way for fog that hung heavy on the shrubs after sun-up.  On the neighborhood pond it looked like the fog was being carried across by the geese.  Later it was sunny and balmy, before the heavier rains came near sunset. With the ground already softened, we should benefit from most of the downfall.

In the garden, the proper fall blooms are competing with the last of summer blooms.
This begonia planted itself and then suddenly appeared in September.  Seriously, it appeared in this pot!
While the coleus has spent the summer under a tree out of the shade, but is ready to brighten up the deck now.
The last of the verbena (Homestead Purple) is competing with the first asters (name unknown).
Overall, the garden is ready for winter - nearly a month early.  Having a deadline to get it done has really been good for me.  I like the feeling of being in control and not having a lot hanging over me and fretting about finding the time.
Oh, and about that deadline ... I'm taking some time off from the blog (well, at least the writing part) as well as from work and sadly from about everything else!  Tomorrow I am having a rotator cuff repair.  Aargh!  The surgery is not a big deal, but I will be without the use on my right arm for four to six months.  Yes, months!  I should have my hand back in a couple of weeks and be able to keyboard in three or fewer.  Altho I am hopelessly right-handed, I can follow you on my tablet and navigate that with my left hand, so I will be reading and watching.  Think of me as a friendly stalker and I will see you before the end of the month! 

You know where to find me.  I'll be on the bench. 


  1. Webb, I injured my rotator cuff many years ago. I will be thinking of you. I wish I could travel you way and help in your garden. Hugs!

  2. Good luck with the surgery. I will be thinking about you. We have had a couple of rotator cuff injuries at my work and the recovery has been long. Hopefully you will fare better.

  3. I'm so sorry to read this ( I"m trying to ignore Romney's closing speech).

    I will be thinking of you and hope you appear sooner than later.

    Can't Mitchell type for you or at least let us know how the surgery goes?

    xo jane

  4. On the bench enjoying your garden, hopefully with something wonderful to drink :-). Forced time off is not always a bad thing, although surgery is never fun. I hope it all goes well, happy thoughts your way...

    I will miss your blog, but at least know you are out there.

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