Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Best Husband Ever

Mitchell has stepped up and grabbed that partnership thing and i couldn't havedone this without him.

This morning he took off the big bulky bandages, scratched all the itchy places, washed and lotioned my shoulder and helped me into real clothes!  I'm a person again.

This is definitely doable.

I know.  It will get worse when i start PT, but for now i am healing, sleeping, and eating pretty normally.
Thanks for all the encouragement.

(And,see how well ikeyboard left-handed!


  1. So glad to read the health update. Try and enjoy the forced relaxation will ya?

    xo jane

  2. Oh I remember physical therapy..... Follow Jane's advice enjoy your down time.

  3. I knew Mitchell would step up you lucky gal. Wishing you a quick recovery and agree with the others enjoy your down time. Hopefully you have a stack of mysteries and gardening magazines handy.

  4. Webb, do hope you are not too sore and glad you have a hunky home nurse to take care of you!!;) what a good time to catch up on all those novels you never had time to read?! Speedy cuff recovery to you. Bxxx

  5. That's what those guys are for :-), but it is so wonderful when they take care of you. Yahoo for Mitchell, you're The Man! I am delighted to hear you are on the upswing (bad pun?).

    As Jane said, be sure to "enjoy" this time and sit on that bench in your garden.