Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hoist by my own petard ...

So.  Have been planning a post for today.  Idea in mind.  (Er.. where else?)  Thougts startingto come together... and then i took my first trip to the PT guy.

A bit of background...
Monday - back to work.  Sling in my way so i took it off.
Tuesday -dumped the sling entirely

Wednesday - quit sleeping upright in the recliner and moved back to bed.

Thursday - smacked bt pt - back to sling 24/7, limited use of keyboard.  ( this is all my left index finger - caps and punctuation are too much trouble.

So i shall hang out another week, lurking on your blogs and longing to be participating.

Miss you.


  1. Miss you too, but so much better to take time to heal. Do it right or pay forever. Good luck in PT, I know it's tough, but so worth it :-/.

  2. Oh Webb, I would so do the same thing.

    Patience, woman.

    You'll be back soon,better than ever.

    xo Jane

  3. It sure helps hearing from you both. Thanks!

  4. Webb, please take care of yourself. I second the patience. Bonnie