Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wednesday Workdays

73 degrees on the deck.  After two weeks of cold, snow and ice this warm-blooded girl will happily take that and enjoy it.  How about a few minutes in the garden - rake and clippers in hand.

The last snow storm included lots of wind that took down one of the buddelias by the pond,and damaged the other.  My fault, really.  They should have been cut back in the fall, but weren't ready when i started my sabbatical.   But other things are looking good.

(Imagine photo of gold crocus here...)

The yellow crocus blooming, altho no sign yet of the purple.

Many little bulbs peeking out.  These are the mini-daffs, but the wood hyacinths are coming up, too.

(Imagine photo of little green bulb tops peeking out of mulch here ...)

Even the beginnings of a few day lilies.

And, the camellia soldiers on.  New buds are still coming, even as last week's cold damaged older blooms and buds.

(Picture pretty decent photo of one new bud, one very cold damaged bud and one flower half opening and turning black from cold here...)

It appears that the sap Is indeed rising ... now maybe it will in me, too.

Next, adventures in blogging.  Am meeting Allyson (Magnolias and Mimosas) and Baby Blue for lunch on Thursday.  Can't wait to finally sit down with this old friend.

*   *   *

So, my laptop has decided to take a dive and I can't figure out how to add pictures from the tablet, so words only for a while until I can get the laptop serviced.  Aargh!


  1. My imagination is sorely lacking, we had snow yesterday and it's still in the mountains. Crocus? Camellia flowers? I should be able to remember what they look like ;-).

    Haven't figured out the tech problem either. Would syncing work?

  2. Spring, gardening and meeting blogging friends..I would say life is treating you very well my friiend.. xx

  3. Where the hell did spring go?

    Guess a BIG gust of wind took it way.

    Hunker down Webb.

    xo Jane

  4. I guess the groundhog will tell us tomorrow whether the spring is on the way or if this cold will continue. My deck is still icy.