Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday This and That...

If you live, well, pretty much any where in the U.S., you already know that this has been a weather week for the books - heat, cold, rain, snow, and just the tiniest bit of near-hurricane winds.  My van got pushed on a four-lane street this morning, so I am hunkered down and not going out again today!
This was Thursday, after it had already visited 90% of the country.
Had a fun lunch yesterday with a bloggy friend - Allyson and her darling son Baby Blue.  We laughed and talked and, perhaps, drank a bit of wine.  There might have been cheesecake involved, too.  It's always so nice to learn that our blogworld friends are just as nice in person!
February is my least favorite month of the year.  I don't understand why it has to be 120 days long.  Just don't.  So, to help get into a better mood, i needed a fancy pedicure.
Mitchell will hate it.  Fortunately, I am living in socks right now, so he may never see it!
And, Sunday I am throwing the world's smallest Super Bowl Party ... for two.  Wings are in the fridge, along with avocados and the makings for more good stuff.  Chill the beer, Somebody, and we will be ready to go!

Happy Groundhog Day!  (I know, tomorrow.)


  1. How interesting you are not a fan of February. Days are getting longer, and the month is short, nothing like March ...

    You do have me beat with the number of Superbowl party guests. We will be four :-). Go 49-ers! I have to root for the west coast, sorry.

    1. February brings our coldest temps, most snow and overall worst weather. Its basically dreary and cold and usually no thaw. And, did i mention that it lasts for four months?

  2. Oh dear, that does sound dreadful. Wanna come over for a couple of days?

  3. It was a completely lovely lunch and I think we're going to have to do it again and often just to get through the next 24 days. In GA, February was usually a balmy 60 degrees, so you know I'm suffering, too.

    We actually ventured back north on Friday. And got tons of crazy looks for it!