Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Wintersday

No work was done today - at least not outside.
Like so many of you we are having a snow event.  Actually, it's more rain and snow.
Not much accumulation and plenty of rain to wash it away.
Warmer temps tomorrow and 60's by Sunday, so maybe this is winter's last hurrah.

A good day for soup in the slow cooker, don't you think. 

Hope you are warm and well.


  1. A good idea indeed. The Colonel made turkey chili.

    Turning out to be a very handy roommate.

    60's on Sunday? Lucky further south.

    xo jane

  2. BLEEEHHHHHHHH! I'm so tired of winter. Although, they released everyone from school at noon, so we went to the Famous Dave's for lunch (I thought I really missed that place since they left Lex. Turns out, there are way better bbq places. Huh.) and then to the Babies R Us to spend some money on Baby Blue. So we were a couple of the idiots running around in our hybrid in a snow storm. But by the time we got home, everything had melted. It did cancel a trip I was going to make to DC though. Boo! I'm VERY much looking forward to some warmer temps next week. And maybe March coming in like a lion really will mean it will leave like a lamb. We can only hope...

    1. You HAVE tried Buz and Ned's BBQ, haven't you? You are not allowed to leave Richmond without trying it!

  3. That definitely looks like a day for soup, and hot chocolate, lots and lots of hot chocolate! :)

  4. I am with Allyson, DONE with winter. Spring is in the air in the desert: winds are picking up :-(, but so are the temps :-).

    Getting over the flu, the mind is willing but body protesting.