Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Workday

It's here.  I can smell it; feel it; see it; even hear it.  Yes, it's definitely spring.
Two-thirds of the main bed is cleaned out, weeded and ready for mulch.
Poured rain last night.  Left the ground so wet I had to look hard for a place to work today.  No way to set a single foot in the actual beds, so just worked around the outside.
Anemones to go into this bed as soon as it's dry enough.
Three more days and I should be done with the fall clean-up and hopefully the weeding of winter weeds, too.
Candy tuft is starting to bloom.
But, one had only to look around a bit to see that the sap is rising in more than the trees.  Yes, indeed, spring is definitely creeping into Virginia.  
Forsythia is starting to open, and the flowering almond and plum tree will not be far behind.

Hundreds, maybe thousands of mini-daffs have popped up.
Won't be long til we can sit on the deck and drink a bit of wine!


  1. Nice to see some sunshine, rather than snow.

    I think we are all like Emma, our yellow Lab. She steps outside, lifts her head, sniffs, nose right, nose left, another sniff, yep, spring is in the air. Yippee!

    1. I totally agree. Sorry we no longer have a lab to do that for us, but I think Mocha must have taught me how. Even today, it's cold but the color of the air has changed.

  2. Yes Spring is teasing us as as well. Just a few more days. Enjoy the pleasures of working in the dirt. I'll be joining you next is my spring break.

  3. I love anemones, but they don't love me back. I planted corms for them for a few years and never really got more than a couple of blooms. I see them in public planters and gardens here in my city, but they just don't do well in my garden.

    P.S. I love the little "barn" shed in the background of the picture.

  4. It's this time of year that I'm always anxiously awaiting crocuses in mixed purple and yellow. Your mini daffodils look amazing though - a perfect contrast with the mulch.

  5. Friday was a bit chilly for my liking, although we braved the zoo. But Saturday was PERFECT!! I would like a whole week's worth of those, please! When does that happen?