Sunday, April 14, 2013

Guest Garden .... er, Grounds

Thru a series of circumstances [with which I will not take your time] our Albuquerque friends James and Vandy acquired four tickets for a walking tour this morning.  A tour that led us to be here around 9:00.
A lovely white house.  Well, actually the White House.  The grounds are lovely, more threes than flowers.  But, if you like tulips [and, you know i do!] this was a nice place to be.
Great saturated colors next to all that white building.
Several small sitting areas with bright pots and cool grassy areas.

While tulips are the stars right now, the azaleas were in bud, and there were other summer treats coming along.
The Rose Garden is hiding among these tulips, but the stems are full of new shoots. Give them one more month.
Imagine this staircase with wisteria in bloom.
The Oval Office - how many times have you seen Jed Bartlett walk out that door?
When you invite a few friends in to enjoy your yard, it's nice to put on a little music.
But, like me, i suspect what you would have enjoyed the most is the vegetable garden. 
This time of year, it was mostly greens, cabbage, onions, and other winter-hardy veggies.  Clearly tho, there is plenty of room for the tomatoes, peppers and beans of summer.  This garden not only feeds the President's family [apparently all the time] and provides produce for big dinners, but it also provides 400 pounds per week [i am pretty sure that's what the guide said] to a food kitchen to support folks who need it.

There are also a few bees....
and plenty of equipment to take good care of it all!
In another year, the azaleas would have started blooming by now and it would have been even more spectacular.

In case you are interested for the future.  The gardens are normally open to the public one weekend in April and one in October annually.  Admission is free, but you must have a ticket for a specific time (starting at 9:00 a.m.) Saturday or Sunday.  Tickets are given away on the street at 15th and E (at the southeast corner of Treasury).  When we left the area at 11:30, they were giving out tickets for noon and apparently had plenty of room for the rest of the day. Google "White House garden tour" for lots more information.  Hope to see you there in the fall!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Thank you much.

  2. Lucky you to have seen all this, and in great weather too. The vegetable gardens look amazing. Think they have bunnies and rodentia out there, at least they must have to deal with birds picking out seeds and helping themselves to lush greenery ...

    Sometimes it would be nice to have "staff" to do whatever I did not want to tackle :-), but I would pass on the job that comes attached.

  3. Did you see if any of the "help" would be interested in coming over and lending me a hand?

    Great pics Webb. What fun that was!

    xo Jane

  4. How cool! I would love to see the White House veggie garden :)

  5. I wish my tax dollars would buy them some mulch for that vegetable garden! very cool photos.