Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Workdays

DIY ... saved!

When last we left our intrepid DIY'ers they - ok, I - was in the middle of painting the bathroom a disgusting shade of brown.  Lovingly referred to as BSB, and definitely not at all what was desired.
After weeks of planning, this was not the plan.  To throw blame in every possible direction ... this is the first time since we moved into this house that Mitchell has not had a hand in the planning.  From the outset, he said "do whatever you want."  We  should have discussed it - thoroughly.

But time had come to woman-up, admit defeat and seek a second opinion. It was clear neither of us was advocating to keep this color.

So off to the paint store to look at new samples and to look for new rugs - gone are the purple, as pretty as they are!  And, then home again to prime over the brown paint.  The man at the paint store, suggested, "Ma'am, sometimes you just need to walk away for a while."
And, walk away I did.  Overnight. 

But the final product was worth the work.  A soft green with just a drop or two of blue in it.  Looks great with the honey color in the new shower walls and the white trim and towels just pop.
So, gone are the rugs, and the pretty fabric [we are re-using the valance we had], and the little frames that I painted to match.  Gone, too, the gray accessories.  But in their place is a warm, welcoming bath with a shiny new shower that we really enjoy.  It was worth all the time and effort.  
 Now, for the irony.  Here's the new color for the bath.  It's the darker one - Venetian Dew.  But you have not really seen the original color.  Well, that's easy ... it's the lighter one Fountain Mist.  All that work and I'm one whole shade darker than I started!


  1. It came out great! A happy ending :-). I admire your courage in using color.
    Isn't it interesting that one tends towards certain colors and basically stays with those in some variation.

    So does this mean you did not get to use the black-throated sparrows? Not a biggie, just nosey.

    1. Actually, it may mean i can. When i was going purple, i painted the three frames to "pull" the purple color from one end of the room to the other. Had thought i could put one bird in each frame ... but the pics looked dreadful with the purple. Now, i think i may be able to use the whole photo, but have to start over on a frame. Am thinking white. Will let you know, but am taking a short break from it.