Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Workday - Update on Projects

It was a lovely late spring weekend - more spring than summer - with an extra day so a perfect time to finish another of the projects for this year.

I had four projects for the spring:

1) Convert the xeri-garden to a veggie garden.  Check!  Changed my mind and kept half in xeri-plants (this is a huge space - nearly 50 square feet) so now am watering half.  The potatoes never came up, but I have a good crop of herbs - basil, parsley and cilantro - plus red and green leaf lettuce and Romaine.  Am very pleased with the results. 
The xeri half is gorgeous and smells wonderful.  Both the bees and butterflies are plentiful.
2) Divide the iris in the fish pond and clean out the lily pond.  Half check.  Cleaned the fish pond and divided the iris in April.  [With the fish, i really can't put off cleaning the pond, if i want them to live!]  But, so far no progress on the lily pond.  Maybe one hot July day I will do it and pump the water out into the surrounding space.  It will both water and feed the plants - probably a good use of both water and time!

3) Turn over the compost pile.  This is taking far longer than I planned, but am about half done.  Mitchell will be traveling on business a lot in June, so I hope to do it in the evenings while he is gone. 

4) Put in a "step" in front of the shed.  Check.  This was one of two big weekend achievements.  Mitchell says now I have a shed with a patio, but the doors can swing freely all the way open, so that I can get anything I need into or out of the shed.  A huge improvement and I am happy.
So, after two and a half months I have finished two goals and half of the other two.  Not unhappy about that. 

The rest of the weekend work time was spent in mulching.  Three trips to the garden center and 36 bags (nearly three cubic yards) of mulch later, it is all done.  I keep promising to do it earlier in the spring so that I don't have to work around all the big perennials, but failed again this year.  Maybe next year. 
Everything is lush and blooming full here.  Still cooler than usual and getting rain fairly often - no drought yet! - so hope that we will continue like this for a couple more weeks. 
I love the second flush of peonies.  They are smaller and easier for me to manage
in a vase.
Happy Week!


  1. You got a lot done! I am sitting here waiting for inspiration to waft over here ... Not feeling too ambitious today though the weather is lovely. Guess I will go and talk with the tomatoes.

    Love the peonies, and flowers in the house!

  2. Nothing better than crossing a project off the to-do list!