Saturday, June 1, 2013

You Gotta be Flexible!

For the past seven or eight years I have kept an envelope in my desk at work.  It contained a sheet of paper with the date - 
June 1, 2013 - on it.  
 Yes, today. 

I had planned for today to be the first day of my retirement.
But life intervenes.  Companies close and people lose their jobs.  The market crashes and people lose their retirement funds.  Things change and you have to be flexible. 
There's a new envelope in my desk today.
September 1, 2015.
Keep your fingers crossed!


  1. Well, you know that is 822 days. Way less than 1000! And that is all days: working days, weekends, holidays. Some people start counting days way before that :-). You will be surprised how fast time goes.

    Meanwhile, enjoy that beautiful garden and the gorgeous flowers. Every day is a gift.

  2. What a great thought. Many thanks!

  3. So disappointing. I have a co-worker working at another location who was planning to retire on his 62nd birthday – November 23, 2013. He would answer my calls with the number of days he had left. We had many conversations about how he was going to finance his retirement. (My husband who is 11 years older than me was considering retiring around the same time.) Earlier this year he told me he can't make the numbers work and will have to work at least another two years. I recently told him I miss his countdowns and our conversations. He says he has to wait ‘til next year to make his decision – something to do with Obama Care. My husband also thinks he should work another year. He likes his job and has excellent benefits – so much better than mine. Sigh! I will enjoy your countdown.

  4. Not that your friend has asked, but in case anyone cares .... gotta say that i have neverhad insurance that was easier to deal with than Medicare. Seriously. No hassles and easy to get answers. If "obamacare" works half as well, we will all bebetter off than we have been.

  5. I don't have a retirement date. I'm waiting for you to make the move and then I'm just going to move into your guest room and cook for you and Mitchell, maybe do a little weeding?

    I'm a dab hand with the vacuum too.

    How's that for planning?

    xo Jane