Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I am Not a Food Blogger

Heck.  I'm not even a very good cook.  Utilitarian, at best.  I cook like my mother, and sadly that method is uninspired and, well, boring.  
Haven't lived in her house since college, but i still make steak nine Sundays out of ten.  That's what we do. Some day i will take some cooking classes.
I do excel at pie crust and gravy - the two things that have been handed down in my family.  Uncle Pete always said, "the Webb girls all make great gravy" and he was right.  

But last night the stars aligned, inspiration struck and I hit a home run.
We'll call it Shrimp Caprese Bruchetta.  Shrimp sauted with tomato, garlic, and Italian herbs with fresh mozzarella and basil on top - all over grilled sour dough bread.  And, with a side of pan roasted padrone peppers.  

To die for.  
I'm still not a food blogger!


  1. Webb, It looks and sounds delicious. It has so many of my favorite foods. Here in the south, a good gravy is a must. Enjoy your Wednesday. Bonnie

  2. Don't worry, we're not going to accuse you of that any time soon.

    But that meals does look and sound delicious.

    You can make pies?

    No other skill necessary.

    xo Jane

  3. Oh yum, that sounds right up my alley. Quick, easy and delicious.

    When I hear gravy, I always think The South, and I won't tell you what I call it (I did not grow up with it) :-).

  4. Being able to make good gravy is definitely something to be proud of!
    And while I love cooking, and consider myself a good cook, mastering a pie crust still alludes me.

  5. This does look to die for. I've recently considered starting a "Real Food Blog," but quickly realized I would be in over my head. I couldn't make gravy if my life depended on it. My gravy for holiday get-togethers now comes out of a jar. My grandma made the most awesome pie crust. Too bad I never or she never thought to teach me.