Monday, July 22, 2013

Hot and Dry Flowers in the House

If Jane had assembled her merry group for flowers two weeks ago, it would have been an abondonza!  Then the rains disappeared and the heat and humidity moved in.  You might have noticed.  It seems to be that way everywhere.
From the cutting garden - zinnias, marigolds, liatris, and Shasta daisies.
Hard to complain when I last watered in early May, tho.
In the dining room garden phlox with a bit of Jacob's Ladder.
Fortunately, there are still some stalwarts in good shape.  And, they are predicting a cooler week, so maybe the next round of blooms will come soon. 
And in the kitchen a few left over dianthus that a friend gave me last week.  The have the most amazing picotee edge.  Glad they lasted.
If you haven't dropped over to visit with Jane and her other friends, please do.  There should be lots to share!


  1. Found you in my reader, I knew you must have posted.

    I'm going to link you up,okay?

    Love your blast of hot summer colors, and love getting a glimpse of your living room.

    Just spent a half hour cuting down the monarda, it's humid today.

    Thank God I can come in the house and check for visitors. Cool in here.

    xo Jane

  2. Pretty! Another thing that I like about FITH is that people name their flowers, which is just so helpful for the forgetful amongst us.....

  3. Such beautiful arrangements! And like Rachel mentioned, I like that you have included the names of the flowers. I'm not that well versed on floral varieties so I appreciate the little lesson. :o)

  4. Gorgeous arrangements and apparently your "rain, rain, go away" worked?

    Jacob's ladder? Will have to look that up.

  5. Really lovely flowers, each and every one.

  6. I'm chuckling about the comments regarding the names of the flowers. I got stuck at picotee...

  7. Ah!I had to Google as I've never heard polemonium called Jacobs Ladder!Another of the common name traps for the unwary!And I thought it was blue.