Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday Workday

Meet the new bully in the garden.
Not sure you've met her?  Definitely a "her".

I bet you have but you don't recognize her yet.  It seems the cooler weather and abundant rain are what she loves.  And, she has a strong will to survive and expand her family.
A forest of buddelia!
  That's what I would have if I weren't ripping the volunteers out.  Must have pulled a 1,000 by now - seriously.
 The apparent mother ship. She was a volunteer herself last year.
Could be a lot worse.  It could be ivy!


  1. Virginia Creeper is my bully. Showed up several years ago and refuses to leave.

  2. It is a plant that selfseeds here too, but I like it. It hides big ugly things, like a propane tank. My "variety" is more purple, darker. Do you think that is due to soil alkalinity, as in a hydrangea?

    1. I have a darker one - Black Knight', i think. This particular bush started as a volunteer last year, so i am wondering is the volunteers are reverting to an ancesteral parent color? Don't know enough botany ...

  3. Great. I have a butterfly bush that I thought I liked until I read about your bully problem. And then I read that one plant can produce three million seeds per year.

    I have a hard enough time keeping up with my weeds now. I guess I better keep a closer eye on it.

  4. She's an awfully pretty bully :)