Monday, September 2, 2013

Hard to call it "Labor"

The garden is an oasis right now.  Past the flashy richness of June and July, past the heat of August, and back to the cooler mornings of late summer.  Plenty of flowers to cut for the house right now, and some early deadheading done to aid with fall clean-up.
 Sedum spurium 'Dragon's Blood' - blooms in August.  One of my favorites.
 The liliput zinnias are going strong.  They seem to have a second wind now that it's a bit cooler.
 A pink salvia.  I bought it as an annual, but this is its third year.  Wish I knew what it is.
Love the dark purple ageratum.  It's probably annual, but one can hope ...
 The Ladies Mantle blooms in the fall for me.
But the hibiscus is still going strong.

So much to enjoy.  Not enough time.  
Happy Labor Day!


  1. Your plants look lovely. I walked down to my garden for the first time since my surgery yesterday. You wouldn't believe the weeds. The garden looks awful. Plus the plant I was kind of babying because I wasn't sure whether it was plant or weed is a weed. Sigh. At least I can enjoy your photos.

    1. glad you're back on your feet. Hope you are happy with the final product!

      Weeds come and go and will be gone when the colder weather comes.

  2. What a beautiful retreat! Do you like pink ;-)?

    They give you Labor Day off to enjoy the fruits of your labor, right?

    1. You are, of course, right about my love of pink, but even i was surprised at the overall pink glow of the photos. It was probably just time of day, or angle of the sun. I didn't actually see it.

      Definitely was off yesterday. I get all the major holidays and have been here so long that I can't possibly take all my vacation, so I can't/don't complain.

      And, besides, I'm under two years now!