Sunday, October 6, 2013

And Friday .... begat ...

You remember those "begats" don't you.  They're most often remembered as Biblical genealogy, but if you have a garden you know the real weight of "begats.  It's what happens when you have just one little thing you want to do today.
Like clearing out this corner.
Last weekend I cut off all the branches.

And Friday I cut down the last of the trunk and dug [quite] a big hole for a lovely new 'Emerald' arborvitea.
And that started the begats.

Now you can see that there used to be a path here.  Well, it's still there .... somewhere.
So, I dug out the overgrown daylilies and mondo grass.  Trimmed up the spirea.
And pried out the stones to add sand underneath and reset them.
And, now I need new ground cover, or at least some shade loving perennials for spring.  Guess that begets some reading of catalogs over the winter.

That's not all bad.


  1. I saw an article about Japanese Hakone grass and am planning to use it in our landscaping next year. It's low growing and isn't invasive. Have you ever used it?

    1. Have not tried it, but it's lovely! May give it a shot if it doesn't need too much sun. Thanks for the thought.

  2. I love the way your garden seems to have these little special nooks, little vignettes. Fun planning the next steps.

    1. Wish I known about garden "rooms" when I started the garden. It was an idea that came much later, but am so pleased that you saw that this is supposed to be one. I hope to add lots of annual summer flowers next year and make the bird bath area the main focus for color. So much fun to plan over the winter!

  3. Begat is a great word and needs to be used more often! I for one am planning to pepper it into conversation whenever I can :)