Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Workdays

How can you beat fall crocus?  They just seem to pop up out of nowhere.  [Well, you could say that about the whole garden, but fall crocus give no prior notice.]
And the zinnias are still going strong and providing at least enough flowers for a weekly bunch on the dining room table.
Now, that it's cooler, I'm back in the mood to work on a couple of projects.  Turning the compost pile has been a permanent resident at the top of the list for at least two years, and I am promising to get it done this year.  Recently we've realized that all of the landscaping timbers that are supposed to provide the border around the back garden have rotten or gotten broken up by the lawn mower guy, so they need to be replaced. 
And, my new project is removing this very overgrown and oversize shrub - Loropetalum 'Pizazz' TM - and re-doing this little corner of the garden. 

I have a ton of PTO built up, so am planning to take the Fridays off in October to get some of these jobs - and hopefully more - done.  You'll be the first to see the progress.


  1. It is such a great time of year, still some summer but cool enough to get some projects done and make the place look good. It is Goldylocks time!

  2. This is perfect weather for working outside. If I could find a location that was like this all year round, I'd be there in a second.

    Watch out for ants...

    1. Turns out - at least I think so - that they were wasps. On vacation I got nailed yet again, as did my friend. She claims she saw them and they were wasps. Felt like the same thing, and it probably makes sense.