Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Hate DST

Daylight Saving Time.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  

Most of the year I just don't like the philosophy.  It made some sense 75 years ago - before air conditioning, and electronics, and lots of things that make our modern life better but as an energy saving strategy it makes no sense today.
This time of year, tho, i hate it because like the cows my body just cannot adjust.  I'm still waking by some circadian clock that overrides the one on the wall.  You know ... at 5:15 instead of 6:15.  And the 
darker evenings make me sad and lethargic.
I had such good plans to get out in the garden every afternoon for an hour or so, but all I want to do is plop in my chair and read.  What do you think wins?  Reading, it is!

Fortunately, on those afternoons when it's a bit warmer [you remember that i don't do "cold" - right?] I have done of bit of clean up in the yard.  As always Mother Nature has a little something to raise the spirits.
The roses are still going strong in their pots.  Both the David Austin 'Sister Elizabeth' and the unknown mini that just soldiers on!

But there are surprises, too.  Like the snap dragons that just bloomed this week - what?
Or, the salvia.  When I cut back the heavy, dead parts I found newly blooming shoots underneath.  And, don't you love the fragrance of salvia?
And, not one but five iris trying to rebloom.  One has made it so far. 
 If the cold nights don't kill them, we'll have more for the house ... very soon.  

Thanks, Mom!


  1. Oh, I hear you, DST sucks, or rather Standard Time does. I used to hate the early evenings. There are lots of things I would like AZ to do differently (let's not go there), but a lack of time change is a wonderful thing. AZ got an exception when DST was adopted by the US as it would be too hot too late in summer.

    It does look like you are having some nice weather though, and it is great to still see flowers this time of year. Surprisingly, salvia and roses do well here too and I have one little rose still blooming.

    1. Arizona stays on sun time? I thought only Indiana did that. So cool. I love it.

      The salvia smells soooooo good. Better than my roses, sadly!

  2. Oh I do love this time of year when time returns to the way it is meant to be. But I understand many don' agree. I hope you have a wonderful week. Bonniie

  3. I sleep till 6, well if Gus lets me, and I love waking up to dawn. BUT I hate that it's dark at 5:30 pm.

    No time for any outdoor activity. Plus it's cold!

    So I hear you sister.

    Blog more. That will help.

    xo jane

    1. Cold, dark, yuck! Just can't get psyched to blog much. am too bored with myself!

  4. DST. I'm there with you. After waking up every morning at 4.30, I think I'm finally back in synch.

    And we're getting our first snow today. On the positive side, that means that spring is coming. Sort of...

    1. Boy, that is about as positive as a person could possibly be! I like it. Snowed here today, too .... for five minutes. Haven't unearthed my long underwear yet, so i need it to hold off until after this weekend (when I will trek to the attic and look). Now that "you" are working inside, the colder weather shouldn't disrupt house work too much.

  5. Move to Vietnam Webb...we do not have DST. I will be honest with you though, there are days that I wake up and think "oh no, not another sunny day". It must be the New Englander in me...I need the change of seasons and an excuse to sit and read...on a cloudy, cool and even snowy day. It's the little things...;)

  6. I thought of you a couple of months ago because Blue revived my hosta. Remember we moved it (in its big ass pot) from VA to KY in the front seat of the Pathfinder (with a layover at a skanky hotel in WV). And then we put it on the back porch where it got WAY too much sun and it crisped right up. Well, I pretty much took it for dead and let Blue play in the dirt a bunch while we were out there. Then, one day, it came ALIVE. I mean big green shoots and everything. It came back to life. Or Blue brought it back to life. Huh. I never put that together. Blue brought something back from the dead. I wonder what other miracles he can work...should I send him your way next? ;)