Friday, November 15, 2013

Where's the Color?

Fall color has been disappointing.  After all the rain and good weather all summer I really expected a spectacular fall, and it's been dull. 
 This is the prettiest tree in the neighborhood, but not it's usual glory.
Leaves are dull and brown, not red and yellow.  Many of the trees that I count on from year to year have just faded this year.  Even the Bradford pears didn't do their red-kissed Marilyn impression.
 My favorite tree every year.  It's owner let it grow up in the same spot as the shrub, which is evergreen, so we always get this pretty two-tone for a couple of weeks.  Not so nice the rest of the year.
Boring, boring, boring.  Guess it's Mother Nature's way of reminding us we can't have it all every year.  We need to be thankful for the summer we had and wait for a great fall some other year.


  1. I wonder why your Fall is dull? I mean, biologically speaking. Has it not been cold enough to turn starches to sugars or something?

    We have little color here, mostly "imports" such as AZ ash and the various apples, peaches and pears. Mesquite leaves just fall off from green. After our good summer there is a lot of blond grass though and it is certainly pretty.

  2. Really you had a good summer? We had a drought in August/September? kind of into October I think.

    I suspect our trees are drab because they got no water

    Thank god we can drool over other peoples blog pics, right?

    xo jane.

  3. I think our autumn colors were pretty nice this year. And we didn't have any storms that have been known to strip the trees early. Guess we were the lucky ones in New England.

  4. We've been talking about the dull fall color here in NJ. We wondered if it was because of the DRY September and October that we had.

  5. Not the same in NC either, but we still have a few beautiful maples...maybe next year...