Sunday, February 2, 2014


Well, that's exactly how it feels - like recess from a long day of spelling and division.

After weeks of way-too-cold [I know.  All of you have had it, too.] we finally got one of those wonderful spring-like days that Mother Nature likes to throw in just to keep up our spirits.  69 degrees about an hour ago.

We've been penned in the house for so many days, looking at this:
 Taken early in the morning.  Once the sun got up higher, it was not quite so dreary, but still cold.

That a day when we could go outside and enjoy the day came like .... recess.

Most cities have at least one kitchy little shopping area, and ours is called Carytown [it's on Cary Street] and is about 10 blocks smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood where 1920's row houses were long-ago converted into shops and  restaurants.  
 In the middle of a block, with no standing place in front ... I don't quite get it.

It's near enough to the university that it's filled with all kinds of folks from college kids to oldsters, relatively poor to rather wealthy, babies in strollers, dogs on leashes, and every gender identification you can think of ... in other words a great place to browse, graze and people watch, especially on that spring-like day in the middle of winter. 
We had lunch in this little cafe, which a friend introduced me to several weeks ago.  Locally sourced food with an emphasis on vegan and GF, but great hamburgers just in case your a beef person, good wines and beers, and desserts to die for.  My kind of place.  
We did not sit outside, but it was warm enough - even at noon.
 Many clothing boutiques - both vintage and new.
 For the kids, too.

And then we wandered - window shopping, stopping to browse, buying a few little things, and just enjoying the day.
 A completely re-done corner.
 What else but a bicycle shop.  There are several more.
 A street magician.  He was playing a shell game.
 A flower vendor.  The flowers were a bit cold-damaged, unfortunately.
 Even a street musician .... very good actually.  Probably a music student at the university.
 A cosmetics boutique.  They will mix you a personalized lipstick color ... cool.
 Who doesn't love orange deck chairs?

Yes, indeed.  A day to remember that despite the groundhog's prediction of a late spring, it will eventually get here and will bring lots of days like today.  Thanks, Mom!


  1. Don't you just love those neighborhoods with personality? I love some local flavor and it looks like you took advantage of a nice day.

    1. We really did - it was so nice to be outside all afternoon. Today, of course, it's pouring rain! Welcome to Central Virginia.

  2. right now, in the middle of summer here in australia, it's quite impossible to even imagine snow, let alone the thought that you could be tired of it…we just need to send you some of our hot weather, and you can return some of your cold, and that would even out somewhere in the middle with a lovely temperature i suspect!!!

    love street musicians…and any place which fosters them is charming.

  3. I am sooooo tired of snow. All I want is a day where I can go outside without wearing sweatpants over my fleece-lined tights.

  4. I know, after last weekend where I thought spring was coming and now we're back to clod and snow. It was like a test.

    Neat place. And the perfect day for it.

    1. ha ha "clod" I meant cold. We do have clods of snow though soon to be (I hope) clods of mud. I'll take it over snow.