Monday, September 15, 2014

The Mary Mary Awards ... and the Winners Are...

Mary Mary and I were sitting on the bench a few days ago just looking around and thinking about the 2014 garden season - you know ... what worked and what needs work for next year.   

There were definitely some winners this year, some losers and the jury is still out on a few things.   Today the winners. 
The oak stump is rotting away under the not-at-all-level planter and will will soon be gone - replaced with a few more azaleas - hopefully re-bloomers.

In first place is certainly the front bed.  Have been working on this one for at least five years - since we had to cut down a big oak tree.  The dogwood seems to have survived some awful attack on its bark.  I unwrapped it a few weeks ago to see how it was doing, and it seems to be growing a thicker layer under the damaged bark, but more importantly it bloomed and now has many berries, so water is definitely making it up the trunk to all parts of the tree.  It will still bear some watching, but I think we may have made it.  And the grasses I planted are doing well, as are the azaleas in the spring and chrysanthemums in the fall.  Need to add more grass and more 'mums, as well as working on the irrigation for next year. 

Another winner was the "old" miniature rose I revived.  After too many years of neglect, a monthly deep feeding combined with a weekly shot of fish emulsion has brought it back to life - full of new growth and covered with flowers most of the summer.  It was a grocery store purchase at least 10 years ago, but has been a joy this summer.   
 Echinacea 'Double Scoop Cranberry' PPAF

The cone flower I put in this big pot has been spectacular!  I want to get some more interesting colors going in the planting bed next year. 

The new bed under the elm appears to be a winner, altho it's probably too soon to really tell.

Friday - the losers. 

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  1. Good to dwell on success. I like the different textures in your front bed. The potted rose looks great, it is so fun to make a small $$ purchase into something lovely.