Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Workday

The sedums are starting to bloom.  Always a welcome addition at the end of a dry summer.

To mulch or not to mulch?  That is definitely not the question in this part of the world.  The more important question is, "Spring or Fall? or both?"
Obedient plant brings much needed color to the shadiest part of the garden.

We are hot enough here in the summer that one needs spring mulch to provide some protection to roots and  help hold moisture during the dog days of summer, but our winters can be harsh enough to cause significant freezing and heaving - anyone remember the winter of 2013-2014? - and therefore require fall mulch.  My normal routine for years has been to mulch heavily in the spring and hope for the best thru the following winter. 
Even the xeri-garden gets a shot of late season color.  Anyone notice that everything that's blooming at the moment is the SAME color?

This past year, tho, I waited too late to start and by the time I got started too many perennials were already coming up to do my preferred heavy coverage in the spring.  So I have found myself needing to do it again this fall. 
Nearly 1/3 of the back is done, with a couple more days to work on it.  The end is in sight!

So in addition to enjoying a few fall bloomers, I have been weeding, cleaning out beds and re-mulching since Labor Day.   In some ways it's a very satisfying job.  At least when I'm done things are looking neat and tidy for their winter rest.  Hope to finish up by next weekend ....


  1. Mulch always makes the garden look loved and taken care of. Looks like you are getting ready for winter.

    Another rainy day in the desert (yeah!), this time it is Odile.

  2. Ohhhh mulching. I do my serious mulching in the spring. I should mulch in the fall as well, but I'm afraid I often let it slid. Things are looking great!