Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunday - What's Bloomin' Now?

We're in that best of all months in the Central Virginia garden.  Everything is even more lush than usual with all the rain in April and May, but the two very late freezes have caused some interesting [perennial] bedfellows.
Something new opens almost every day, making my morning strolls oh, so satisfying. [Is there anything in the world better than taking that first cup of tea - or coffee - and just wandering around looking for what's changed since yesterday?
Today was the first day that i could wander thru and gather posies for the table and have way more than i needed.
Hydrangea, yarrow, bachelor's buttons, lavender, bee balm, and Budeleia globosa. 

And, then there was this:
Yes.  It's aster.  Not due until September, but happily blooming with the first of the lilies.  I love June!!


  1. I'm glad to see that my garden isn't the only one with confused timing. Asters in June?

    Your flowers are lovely.

  2. Such a pleasure, isn't it, to check in with the plants at leisure every day. Even better when you can gather a bouquet on the way. Lovely!