Sunday, June 12, 2016

What Were They Thinking?

On days like today, i find myself wondering about the Founding Fathers ... what were they thinking?

Was it this?

Or, perhaps only this?

And, what do we do now?


  1. So true. What can we do to get guns out of this country? My local paper's front page featured two gun stories - Milwaukee's gun problem and Christina Grimmie's story. Gun control is an unpopular topic in Wisconsin because of the popularity of hunting - which I also don't get- but I can't think of a single reason why a civilian would need a weapon like this. So, so sad. We've shut the TV off for the day... What can we do?

    1. Know what you mean. Virginia is a big gun rights state. I don't mind a bit if you have a rifle or two for hunting, but the only "game" they are looking for with an AR-17 is human. Same with handguns. A small handgun for personal protection is one thing, but a Tech 9 ... i don't think so. It just makes me so sad.

  2. We will never get guns out of this country. If you think Wisconsin or Virginia have a problem, take a look at this:

    It makes one weep.

    1. you're right indeed, and you're right in the middle of the new wild west. don't think anything will ever be bad enough to get us to roll our laws back. To think that 20 years ago we outlawed asault weapons. Can't understand Congress caving on that, but they did. sometimes, you just have to mourn.

  3. Oh it's understandable why Congress caved, dear Webb. Well-funded, target and well-organized pressure from the NRA and the more active (read "shrieking maniacs" right-wing gun owners. I live within 10 miles of Columbine and five miles of the Aurora movie theatre, so this is a topic very close to my heart.
    What can we do? Look up Gabby Giffords & follow links to the various pro-gun control organizations & start donating. And proselytizing. (As I am doing, right now)
    Thank you for having the courage to bring this up in your Blog, Webb; I do notice several Bloggers I follow pussy-footing around the topic.
    Best but sadly so,
    Diane in Drnver