Sunday, June 5, 2016

What's Bloomin' Sunday

After several years of procrastination, this year i finally made a bed for sweet peas.  Was it worth the work?  Absolutely!
This may be the only large cutting i get, but there should be enough over the next couple of weeks for a few small bowlfuls.

The "old wife's tale" in these parts is that one should plant peas on George Washington's birthday.  I took that to mean the "real" one and not the second Monday in February.  Using the various warm days in January and early February, I had the bed ready - the sunniest part of the cutting bed and where i could see the progress from my desk.

My support system worked (well, marginally).  It needs to go higher and i need to be more pro-active with the twining.

I've watched, watered and weeded for three months now and have finally been well rewarded.  Will definitely try this again ... with more support and in a more sunny place.  It's not Floret Farm, but they smell as good as they look!


  1. My favorite flower! From childhood even. Freesias are a close second, but it seems that they are breeding fragrance out of them. Such a shame. Do your sweet peas smell divine? Please take a huge breath for me. Those are my favorite colors too.

    1. have never actually seen sweet peas "live" before - only in pictures - and yes, they do smell wonderful ... altho not after they are cut. have wanted to try them for a couple of years. Definitely worth the work!