Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blue Mystique

Walking thru the grocery store tonight I came upon this:

A blue phalaenopis orchid. In fact an entire table of them - probably 50 - at the very low price of $29.99 each. "WTF", I say to myself.

Then, I do something I had never done before. I pull out my phone and take photos and email them to myself.

[I know. The rest of you do this on a daily basis, but I still have trouble remembering which button to press to answer when it rings.]

You know how it is - even if you are not a big gardener or flower person. Blue is the holy grail of flower color. Hybridizers all over the world are working to breed a true blue orchid - but this ain't it.

Remember 4th grade when Miss Wells put green food coloring in the water of the carnations? That's what this looks like. Apparently it's not how it's really done, but it is "done". The developers say that they are created, but not exactly dyed.

There is variety in the saturation of the color, so they do vary a good bit. I rather liked this one that was more pale, but there were some that were so blue that they looked spray-painted. (Think purple poinsettias!)

Apparently they are very popular. I found them priced on the Internet for $80, while these were much less.

So , what do you think? Does it match the wallpaper in your guest bathroom? Would you buy one?

I wonder if Miss Wells did the green carnation thing for St. Patrick's Day? Maybe she wasn't as old as we all thought....


  1. I remember orchids being colored to match prom dresses in the 70s. Does this really age me?

  2. Sorry, but give me the real thing. I think these even look fake. And they are just beautiful as nature created them. Do not mess with Mom (Nature). Just my opinion, since you asked :-).

    And you are way ahead of me with that phone. I don't even own one.

  3. In some sick florist way IIkind of like them. i deal with the dutch who dye, flock and even wax coat flowers oh,and then glitter them.

    I'm a fool for it all. Would I but one, doubtful, but for sure I'd take a picture of it and show it all around work.

    as I will do with yours tomorrow:)

    xo jane

  4. Anneke, I agree. They literally stopped me in my path - they were so fake looking. BUT...

    Jane, I can see a use for them in arranging. If I were a bride and my attendants were wearing blue, a touch of it in my bouquet - or theirs - would be lovely. Same for the right arrangement for the home. I think it's their "growing state" that was so unnerving.

    Bonnie - I remember them well! And the gloves - what were we thinking?

  5. I never actually knew this about orchids...that blue was the holy grail. Y'know...that kind of looks like UK blue...I'm not sure I would buy an orchid period. They seem like they would be very high maintenance flowers and even the cats around here have to learned how to refill their bowls. An orchid wouldn't have a prayer. And do you know what kind of adorable shoes I could buy for $40? But yay for the grocery store offering up some version of something you don't see everyday. And double yay for you successfully emailing yourself a picture. ;-D