Saturday, March 26, 2011

Here ... and There

We've spent the past couple of days with this as the view out our windows:

Gorgeous water, rolling breakers, and sand as far as the eye can see. At night - when sleep has been elusive - I've lain awake listening the the roll and crash of the waves and watched the moon rising over the ocean. A wonderful place to be ... if you happen to like 42 degrees! Yet another one of those things that nice to look at, but not to touch - at least not this weekend.

On Thursday, things had slowed down in the garden with the arrival of that mass of cold air that the rest of the East Coast bloggers have been talking about. That's ok with me because I don't really want Rose Marie's first born to bloom until I get home to watch. Am hoping the colder air and lack of bright sun will cause it to wait until Monday for me.

By then, I hope the harbingers will turn into the real thing!


  1. Loving the macro shots Webb.

    And if you have to suffer insomnia you were in a poetic sounding place to be wakeful in! I only sleep well in my own bed too. X

  2. Spring's so fickle! Here we are dealing with WIND.

    And there is something inherently wrong with an ocean that has a sun/moon rise over it :-). Did you not know that it's supposed to set in the ocean?
    So you can see the green flash?

  3. No green flash in the morning, and altho I have looked for years on boats, I've never seen one at sunset. But, for me, sunsets over water seem odd - even inherently wrong!

  4. That's what I have!! Harbinger's of Spring!! it's out front of the house and it looks exactly like that. Can I just let it go on its own or should I be doing something to ensure it's survival?

    I love the beach. And the best thing Neal ever did for me was move me south. And yet everyday I think about how I could actually be much closer and be fine. I hope your vacation was amazing...even if it was a bit chilly. The ocean was cold in Savannah last weekend, too. It's not here just yet...but CLOSE!!